Our Company – SleepFresh Bed

Great Sleep Is Our Legacy

We’re proud to say we’re America’s oldest and largest privately-owned mattress company. For over 60 years, we’ve been selling quality beds without the huge marketing campaigns that can drive up prices and sacrifice quality. With time-tested practices, locally sourced safe materials, and the latest technology, we continue to deliver great sleep to millions of satisfied customers

Craftsmanship is our life

The real success of our business is our people. Most of them came to us years ago in search of a job and found a calling. Today, no fewer than 18 craftsmen with over 600 years of combined experience work together to produce each Sleep Fresh mattress that leaves any one of our factories. In an industry that is increasingly filled with unsafe imports and automation, it is the passion of our people that makes Sleep Fresh’s quality so unique in the market. We take pride in offering the best product, at the best possible value - and of course, always 100% made in the USA.

Rest Better With Sleep Fresh

Honest Motives
And Materials

Expertly Curated
and Crafted

Produced Right Here
In The USA

Nourishing, Replenishing, Honest Sleep Products Made From The Best Materials

Sleep Fresh beds are OEKO-TEX® and CertiPUR-US® certified. This means you can breathe easy all night knowing our process and your product were made without ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants, heavy metals or formaldehyde.

Using the latest in sleep technology our Hybrid Mattress design uses less foam and chemicals creating a safer environment for your sleep and our earth.

Cooling Comfort
Gel infused foam provides exceptional cooling comfort within TWO layers of the SleepFresh mattress. These temperature regulating foams combine with our unique hybrid design to increase airflow throughout the mattress for a cooler, cleaner night’s sleep.

Pure Air
Sleep Fresh beds are finished with TruSleep infused fabrics ensuring allergens, molds, mildew, dust mites and bacteria will not breed on the surface of your mattress.

Rest Better with Sleep Fresh