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What To Do With A Used Mattress

We'll Recycle Your Old Mattress For You!

TextSo you've finally found a new mattress! Soon you'll be sleeping better with less tossing and turning, no more aches and pains in the morning, or trying to roll out of a sunken block of foam. Congrats!

But now reality sinks in as you remember that the king size mattress you just replaced is still sitting in your bedroom - and you only have a few days to remove it before your new mattress is delivered. Ugh, you just want to get rid of your old mattress, but that's easier said than done. So what do you do?

Leaving your old mattress on the side of the road for trash collection may seem like the best solution, but the last thing a landfill needs is yet another mattress filled with non-biodegradable foams and metal springs that could otherwise be recycled. You may also realize that simply moving your old mattress out of the bedroom is a challenge in itself.

If this is a problem you're facing, we can help! Sleep Fresh offers both old mattress removal (and recycling) as well as installation services of your new mattress to ensure the transition from old to new mattress is as seamless as possible.

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Why Mattress Recycling?

Recycling your mattress can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and help existing landfills last longer. A mattress can occupy between 20 and 60 cubic feet, making mattresses one of the largest commonly trashed items to end up in land fills.


Aside from taking up needed space, mattresses are often not made from biodegradable materials. Mattresses can even contain chemicals that can leach out into the surrounding soil and groundwater (Sleep Fresh Mattresses contain no harmful chemicals).


Most materials inside a mattress can be repurposed once the mattress is deconstructed, including:



  • Springs and Coils: Metal can be melted and made into new items
  • Foams: Mattress foams can be shredded and used in carpet padding, moving pads, or fuel source.
  • Fibers: Cotton and other fibers can be used in filters and insulation.
  • Fabrics and Upholstery: Can be reclaimed or reused in other items.
  • Wood: Can be chipped for mulch or burned for fuel.


what to do with a used mattress

How To Recycle Your Mattress


There are currently over 50 mattress recycling facilities in North America and that number is rapidly growing since mattress buying has been on the rise. The Sleep Fresh team has partnered with LoadUp to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and a seamless mattress pickup service that you can feel good about.


Scheduling a pickup for a mattress removal is as easy as selecting the service on our "Services" page and continuing through the checkout process as you normally would. Simply follow the instructions sent to you via email to finish the scheduling process. It's that easy!


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