Sleep, Perfected.

Fall Asleep Faster.  Stay Asleep Longer.


Decreases in body temperature naturally trigger the beginning of our sleep cycle. No matter if you prefer to keep your bed cool or warm, keeping a consistent core temperature is a crucial factor in getting a good nights sleep.

Did you know that temperature is the #1 disruption of sleep among adults? It’s time to take back control of your sleep… It’s time to SleepFresh.

Familiar Technology, Reimagined.


For almost 20 years, many of us have enjoyed the benefits of climate controlled automotive seats. SleepFresh partnered with Gentherm, a world leader in thermal technology, to incorporate the same tech into a luxury mattress for the best, most customizable sleep available on the market today.

Sleep Better Together

You and your partner agree on a lot of things, but bedroom temperature isn’t one of them. Dual Temperature Control allows each side of The SleepFresh Mattress to be set at different temperatures, ending the thermostat war for good.

Active Heating/Cooling

Even advanced memory foams absorb body heat over the course of a night. The SleepFresh System works by conditioning the air under your mattress, then flowing that air gently to the surface, keeping you comfotably cool or warm throughout the night.