Control Your Climate. Own Your Sleep.

SleepFresh™ is the only sleep system available with active heating and cooling technology.  Turn your bed into a soothing oasis of warmth or stay cool and comfortable all night long, even on the hottest summer nights.  Every night is different, but that doesn’t mean your sleep should suffer. Discover the sleep you’ve always wanted… On a SleepFresh™ Temperature Controlled Sleep System powered by Gentherm.


Our core body temperature naturally cools down at bed time for a deeper and more restful sleep. Stay cooler and fall asleep faster when you find your perfect sleep temperature with SleepFresh.


Even the most advanced Gel and Latex foams aren’t enough to keep you cool and dry. SleepFresh provides a  constant yet gentle stream of flowing air to create a micro-climate of comfort designed just for you.


If keeping warm at night is a challenge for you, look no further. Let SleepFresh help regulate your preferred body temperature as you sleep, or simply relax and unwind with one of five heated climate settings. 


More than just a mattress, SleepFresh™ is a fully customizable sleep system that harnesses the power of climate controlled comfort. Tucked away under the mattress, the SleepFresh™ foundation utilizes a patented conduction process to condition fresh air from the bedroom to the desired temperature setting. The conditioned air is filtered through the specially designed mattress and up to the sleep surface, giving you complete control over your mattress’ temperature.

YES! Queen sizes and larger can set either side of the mattress at different temperatures. This means that one sleeper can set their side of the bed warm while the other can sleep in cooling comfort for a truly customizable sleep experience.

Sleep Better. Together.

You and your partner agree on a lot of things, but bedroom temperature isn’t one of them. Dual Temperature Control allows each side of The SleepFresh™ Mattress to be set at different temperatures, ending the thermostat war for good.

Active Heating/Cooling

Even advanced memory foams absorb body heat over the course of a night. The SleepFresh System works by conditioning the air under your mattress, then flowing that air gently to the surface, keeping you comfotably cool or warm throughout the night.

Performance Collection

  • Ultra Breathable Performance Cover

  • Dual Zone Temperature Control

  • Spring Free Design

Evo-Coil Collection

  • Traditional Mattress Comfort

  • Dual Zone Temperature Control

  • Body Contouring Technology

Luxury Foam Collection

  • Luxurious Pressure Relieving Comfort  

  • Dual Zone Temperature Control

  • Body Adaptive Support Technology


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