Keep Warm or Keep Cool, But Always Keep Comfortable


Many of us who have colder body temperatures know how much fun it can be to torment a spouse with a single hand up the back of a shirt. However, when the time comes to share a bed, these differences in temperature can affect your quality sleep, as well as your spouse’s.

Different resting body temperatures are extremely common among couples. In fact, women are three times more likely then men to be the colder one. These differences might even have played a part in the initial attraction or “chemistry” of the relationship. How? Well consider that most couples enjoy romantic physical contact (Studies show they do!). Taking that into account, also realize that couples also consider the details of these romantic encounters; ie body temperature. For example, “She” might enjoy holding “His” warm hands, and he probably likes the fact that she enjoys the physical contact. Cute right? Well sure… Until you’re sleeping 10 inches away from Mr. Freeze or The Human Torch (neither make particularly good sleeping partners).


The Thermostat War Won’t Work?


If you’ve ever been in a thermostat war, you already know why they don’t work. Either you continue to sneak around your spouse to change the temperature while they aren’t looking, or you compromise on a setting that neither of you particularly like. And while a compromise may seem like the best option to end the thermal war,  you could still be losing hours of quality sleep by compromising.


Covers and Comforters


We know that couples sleep under shared covers, and there is actually a reason why these covers get stolen an immeasurable amount of times throughout the night. Our covers provide both the comfort of security and thermal comfort. When we get too cold or too hot in bed, we naturally compensate by adding or removing covers, disrupting our own sleep as well as our partner’s. This leaves only two options; you can either find a partner with the exact same thermal characteristics as yourself (good luck!), or you can design a dual zone heating and cooling mattress system that gives you and your partner perfectly undisturbed sleep.



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SleepFresh™ Heating and Cooling Mattress System


In recognition of a need for a temperature regulating mattress, the SleepFresh™ Climate Control Sleep System was born.  SleepFresh™ doesn’t JUST allow the user to control variable levels of heated or cooled comfort. Our sleep system can be split down the middle, providing a warm and cozy sleep surface for her, while he enjoys the features of a comfortably cool mattress. We recognize that everybody’s optimal sleep temperature is different, and maybe something that you haven’t even considered to be the root of your sleep problems.

So the next time you find yourself in a Thermostat war or waking up to relentless accusations of being a “Blanket Hog”, remember that you and your partner don’t have to argue anymore. Put an end to the debate forever and Discover SleepFresh™ today!