Experts agree that sleep temperature can have huge impact sleep quality. Why?


According to H.Craig Heller, PHD, professor of Biology at Stanford University, “When you go to sleep, your set point for body temperature – the temperature your brain is trying to achieve – actually goes down”. Imagine that your body has an internal thermostat. During sleep hours, your brain sets your internal thermostat to be slightly cooler than the rest of the day. A slight drop in core temperature induces sleep. This means you can fall asleep faster and increase REM sleep throughout the night when you have the ability to control your preferred sleep temperature. Bedroom temperatures that are too hot or too cold will make your body struggle to achieve it’s unique “set point” which can result in insomnia-like symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, and more.


How do you control your sleep temperature?


Many will immediately reach for their thermostat. However there are two problems with this. First, lowering the thermostat does not actually make for a cooler bed, just a cooler room. Once you lay down and begin to fall asleep, the mattress will begin to absorb your body heat. Trapped body heat between the mattress layers and and your blankets can still hinder sleep quality even with a lowered thermostat temperature.  The other problem with the thermostat is overcompensation; lowering the thermostat so much that your core body temperature drops too much. This can affect sleep quality just as much as sleeping too hot.

(Enter SleepFresh™)

For a truly cooler bed (or warmer bed!), The SleepFresh™ is the only complete sleep system designed specifically with thermal comfort in mind. Users have the ability to adjust their temperature with the simple push of a button. -Up to four settings for a cooler bed and another four settings for a warmer bed. The best part is: couples can sleep at different temperature settings with our Dual Zone Climate Control feature. Everybody sleeps differently, but we want you to experience sleep like you never have before – on a SleepFresh climate controlled heating/cooling mattress.