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Temperature – The Number That Matters

“Bedroom temperatures should be between 60° to 67° Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Temperatures above 75° and below 54° can disrupt sleep.”

Dr. Christopher Winter
Medical Director
Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine

Our bodies naturally try to keep cool at bed time for a deeper and more satisfying sleep. Stay cool and fall asleep faster when you find your perfect sleep temperature with SleepFresh.


Fancy Gels and Latex foams aren’t enough to keep you cool at night. SleepFresh provides a small, constant stream of flowing air to create a microclimate of comfort designed just for you.


Sleep the way YOU want! Crank up the cool air on hot nights or program your SleepFresh to gradually get warmer as you wake up. The Dual-Zone feature even allows couples to sleep at different temperatures!

“My wife has been like a thermostat gone hay-wire, and the SleepFresh System was the perfect solution for us.  No matter if she is feeling hot or cold, we can both dial in our ideal sleep temperature and sleep soundly through the night.” Jonah P.


Two-thirds of people complain about being too hot in bed.


Nearly half of all couples have different sleep temperature needs.